Photography Fundamentals

Two of the most important things to master for any photographer are your settings and your composition. Recently I completed a set of videos in collaboration with Adobe covering some of the most essential principles to understand as photographers. You can watch and read more on any of these topics by following any of the links below!

Understanding shutter speed.

An important photography principle to understand and a tool that opens up a world of creative opportunities through photography.

Learn more here: 

What is focal length and how to use it.

Pick the right lens for the job by understanding focal length and how to ensure you have the best point of view for any situation.

Learn more here: 

What is lens aperture?

Learn how aperture affects your photos depth of field, but is also a foundational skill for great photography.


Learn more here:

How to use and break, the rule of thirds.

 Improve your photography by grasping composition guidelines like the rule of thirds. Understand exactly when to use it and when not to use it.

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