Canon EOS R5 Review: 6 Months Later

Just over six months ago the Canon EOS R5 was released and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one quite quickly. 6 months on I've been using it for a range of different things for both photo and video, including weddings, personal content for both instagram and YouTube and various other client jobs. Overall I've really loved using it, but there's definitely a few things to know (and purchase) to really get the most out of this camera. Here's all the things I love, don't love, and some of the workarounds.


1. Working with the video files

Let me start by saying the quality of the video files is great, I really do love the footage you get out of this camera. However the size of the video files and also the codec used, means they are very hard to work with. For me this is the biggest downside for this camera at the moment.

Most computers will struggle to playback / edit these files which just adds an extra step when editing, requiring you to transcode your footage. At the time of this review (Feb 2021) it is rumoured that Canon may add additional codecs with the next firmware release, but we still aren't sure what this will look like and if it will completely solve the issue.

My workaround

I use the Atomos Ninja V as an external recorder. This allows you to record in formats such as ProRes, and I I often go for ProRes LT for a lot of things. Meaning the files are MUCH smaller and MUCH easier to work with. This also gives you longer record times and basically gets rid of overheating issues when filming in 4K HQ mode (oversampled 8k) - a big advantage. Another extra expense, but for me it's been worth it.

Check out the Atomos Ninja V here

2. The overall cost (including additional accessories) 

Unfortunately to get the most out of this camera, especially for video you're going to have to spend a bit extra. For example:

So, if the price of the R5 body alone is already pushing your budget, remember if you need any of the above, expenses do add up fast.

3. Overheating issues

To be perfectly honestly, this hasn't really been an issue for me, however it is another thing you sometimes need to think about. The first firmware update was a big improvement, but I won't lie, it's still an issue depending on how you wish to use this camera.

My workarounds

Using the standard 4k footage for longer sequences like wedding ceremonies etc, or even the cropped 4k. The cropped 4k comes out slightly nicer but it depends on the lens you're using if cropping in will be suitable, sometimes this may even be be useful if you need some extra reach. Both these settings are not limited by heat. When using the standard 4k I tend to increase the sharpness in camera.

Using the Atomos Ninja V is also a big workaround for this, giving you largely unlimited recording in the 4k HQ mode when setup correctly.

4. Wobble when vlogging

Unfortunately this does exist, and depending on the lens and setting, it can be really quite distracting in some circumstances. But it's one of those things, for me I'd much rather put up with this issue than not have the IBIS at all.

My workaround

Quite simple, if it's an issue, just vlog with the IBIS turned off, turn it back on when you need it. It's not essential for vlogging the way I see it.


1. Performances for shooting stills

I honestly find it hard to fault this camera when it comes to shooting stills, that's all I really need to say. it's a seriously great camera for photography and I don't think anyone could be disappointed by it. If you want the ability to crop in and retain a sharp image, or print large images, the 45mp is a great size - for stills if these things aren't important it would seem like the R6 would hit the mark as it has so many of the same features.

2. AF System

For both photo and video the auto-focus in unreal, again pretty hard to fault. It seriously means you barely need to even think or worry if your footage is going to be in focus. The eye tracking AF hits the mark over and over again. This for me is one of the stand-outs for this camera and a huge improvement from the Canon EOS R (which I never used to have an issue with, but boy you notice the difference going back to it).

3. Having great quality video and photo within the one body

For me often shooting both photo and video, it's so nice having the freedom to get such great performance out of a camera for both photo and video.

Summary - Is this camera for you?

Well if you're anything like me, wanting a camera for both photo and video - this could be the camera for you. If you shoot video only, then maybe not. If you shoot stills only, still very worthwhile considering, especially if having a larger MP camera is something that is important to you in what you use it for.



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